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  1. SIMPLY RECIPES   This award winning website/blog is the product of Elise Bauer and she does a very good job of maintaining her website/blog. lots of great unique recipes includee here, a lot from her family private collection. Picture on the right is of her very popular "Banana Bread" recipe. .

    » If you are unfamiliar with Simply Recipes, please allow me to take a moment to introduce you to the site. The first thing you should know is that Simply Recipes is a blog or a personal website, created and maintained by me, Elise Bauer. Unlike most of the large recipe sites that you might find on the Internet with tens of thousands of recipes, Simply Recipes is my personal website. The recipes are all tested (often several times) by me, my family or my friends. We invite you to try the recipes, and if you would like, leave constructive feedback in the comments. Do you have a recipe binder or box of recipe index cards? Think of this site as our family sharing the recipes in our recipe binder with you. As we cook the recipes multiple times, we often think of improvements and update the recipes. So keep in mind that what you see here is a work in progress. «
  2. MY RECIPES   Are you interested in "Family Traditions Recipes" or would you like to attend "Sandwich School" and get your masters degree? Well this is the place to do it. Picture on the right is of their "Chipotle Sloppy Joes".

    » features the largest collection of professionally-tested recipes online from food experts at the magazines and cookbooks you love and trust--including Cooking Light, Southern Living, Sunset, Coastal Living, Real Simple, and more. Find the food you need for any occasion with our recipe finder. Easily refine your search with any of nearly 150 recipe categories. The site delivers every type of recipe you could want, from decadent desserts and authentic cuisines to great-tasting healthy favorites with nutrition information that is reviewed by registered dietitians. Enjoy daily features that include quick meal ideas, seasonal menus, cooking videos, cookbook reviews and our take on the latest gadgets. Get holiday tips and entertaining ideas for any size gathering. You'll also find thousands of big, mouthwatering photos and scores of how-to videos with tips to help you cook with confidence. Save your favorite recipes. Build and email your shopping lists. Create and pass around menus for upcoming get-togethers. Rate the recipes and discover new must-try dishes from thousands of reviews from fellow cooks. «
  3. MISS HOMEMADE   Their easy homemade recipes create food that is completely made from scratch - even the ingredients are homemade. This means: No preservatives, chemicals or additives. All Healthy Cooking Recipes. They welcome homemakers, scratch recipe collectors, wild game recipe and country cooking enthusiasts. They are sharing with you their passion and the four decades of scratch recipes they've created and collected - including juicy photos.

    » Welcome. I want to congratulate you for your decision to cook using natural ingredients in your recipes. You are about to discover a brand new way to cook food. All natural never tasted so good. I have a passion for food and cooking. I love trying out new recipes and experimenting with new ingredients. I use fresh ingredients and develop recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. My ingredients have recipes too. I try not to use any commercial ingredients; I make my own from scratch. This makes my food taste out of this world, and I save money too. I like to find a recipe, and develop different variations, using my own personal seasonings, homemade pantry items and condiments. Then I combine the best of the best to create my own interpretation of the dish. How do I know that you can cook like this? Because I did. I did not attend a culinary school or even take an online class (when I was learning, the internet wasn't that big then!). I watched and wrote down every step I could until I memorized it. It came naturally to me, and before you know it I could tell if I liked something by the ingredients - I was about 12 then. So in short, I know you can do it and you will enjoy every step of the way. For those of you that are excellent cooks - it's always fun to try new recipes and add them to your favorite collection. «
  4. ONE POT CHEF   A lot of people like this guy and his recipes. He has a lot of them too. Be sure and visit his Facebook & YouTube pages because he posts a lot of material on both of these media sites. Picture on the right is of his "10 Finger Foods made from Wonton and Egg Roll Wrappers".

    » David Chilcott (The One Pot Chef) began making cooking videos on YouTube as a hobby in 2007. Having no previous experience with video making, he had to learn everything from scratch. Starting out with an old camcorder and setting up in his home kitchen, the OnePotChefShow channel ( was born. David's passion for cooking and his love of simple, home-style food was an instant recipe for success, drawing viewers from all over the world. Within 12 months, David was offered the chance to join YouTube's Partner Program, allowing him to start making money from the video content he uploaded to the site. Using the money earned from his videos, David invested in new camera equipment, professional editing software and updating his kitchen supplies. Taking the channel to the next level, the quality of videos improved and the audience started growing rapidly. Since then, David runs the OnePotChefShow as a full time business. While producing recipe videos for YouTube, David has also created a series of cookbooks based on his recipes, written a short memoir of his experiences on YouTube and made numerous appearances in newspapers, magazines, television programs and even filmed a studio-based version of his popular cooking show in a real life film studio in Los Angeles, California. «

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